Kent Community Fund

Kent Community Fund is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization established in 2006 "to help individuals living in Kent meet emergency needs and to support community charitable programs serving Kent residents throughout the year."

The fund provides grants for the emergency needs of individuals and families in Kent, which are paid directly to service providers or vendors — pharmacies, landlords, fuel companies, dentists, etc. The fund is available after other sources, such as fuel banks, government entitlements and special programs are utilized. As a member of the Connecticut Food Bank, KCF supplies more than 2.5 tons of food to the Kent Food Bank annually.

The grant committee has approved more than 370 grants and donations totaling over $200,000 since it inception. Rent, medical and dental care,wheelchair purchase, car registration, child care and summer camp tuition, transportation expenses, payment of fuel and other utility bills and emergency assistance are among the needs covered by the fund. All grants are strictly confidential.

Donations are always appreciated.


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