Stosh's Kettle Corn

In the 1700s, kettle popcorn was introduced to colonial palates in the United States. It is referenced in the diaries of Dutch Settlers in Pennsylvania circa 1776. It was a special treat often consumed at fairs or other festive occasions. The corn is cooked for maximum taste in iron kettles and then sweetened with sugar before adding salt.

In keeping with tradition we make our kettle corn the same way. Stosh's Kettle Corn takes you back to those simple days. We start with all natural ingredients, then carefully make each batch daily.

The result? Matchless pleasure on the palate. Why can we say that? Everything Stosh makes has to be the best. As an accomplished cook, his friends and family have enjoyed his imaginative and delectable culinary creations. You will find that same passion in his kettle corn. See for yourself why people from all over the world consider it irresistible!

We are committed to offering the highest quality Kettle Corn on the market by using only the finest ingredients in our recipe. We do not use preservatives to prolong shelf life! All natural ingredients:

  • Kernels of corn from Omaha, Nebraska, heartland of America
  • 100% Canola Oil
  • Pure granulated sugar
  • Salt