Strong Core Team Training LLC

Welcome to Strong Core Team Training Wellness Center.

We are so proud to say that right here in Kent, CT we have assembled a talented team of Wellness Professionals that are ready, willing and able to set you on track to get well and stay well. Our Center's mission incorporates a commitment to growth in the physical, emotional, spiritual and occupational dimensions of life. We have merged the specialties of our health care professionals so that we may offer you a holistic approach to health and wellness. The Center offers a wide variety of resources which focus upon improving well-being.

Our offerings are extensive:

Personal Training

Fitness Classes Eg. Foam Rolling

Functional & Corrective exercise regimes


Kinesiology Taping & IASTM

Massage Therapy


Spiritual Guidance

Nutritional Guidance & Cellular Cleansing .

If you've been injured we can help with restorative, rehabilitative and strengthening therapy.

We are happy to help you get started on your journey with a free consultation so that we may understand your wellness goals. Also, please feel free to try one of our classes or training sessions for free. Our goal is to help you reshape your life by creating the perfect personalized wellness program. We have great things to offer your mind and spirit.

Call us today to begin your path to wellness and health.

Get Well. Stay Well.

Questions? Contact Shannon at (860) 248-0165 or visit our facebook page for our latest news

64 Maple Street, Kent, CT 06757