The Parfumerie

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The Parfumerie offers a variety of different perfume supplies and aromatherapy items for local and international shops as well as hobbyists. Instead of mass-producing our items, we craft them by hand to offer superior quality and simplicity. Blending oils, colognes or perfumes is an art, and we want to offer our clients a way to create your own fragrances in a natural way.

As wholesale perfume supplies provider, we understand how hard it can be to find a reliable shop that not only distributes worldwide but has affordable products with the highest quality. To help your growing shop flourish, we have a variety of perfume supplies that can help keep you well-stocked and well-versed in the most popular items today. Our perfume supplies include:

Our expansive inventory consists of therapeutic grade essential oils, pure perfume oils & attars, each one natural and alcohol free. When it comes to our oils, we hand-select from authentic, established merchants to provide you with the highest-quality product. We also pride ourselves on providing only alcohol free and unaltered oils, pure and simple.

If you would like to explore our inventory of aromatherapy and perfume supplies, visit our website: or give us a call at (203) 456-6139