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Antique Engine Show @ CAMA

  • eSaturday, Jul 22
  • a
  • jCT Antique Machinery Association
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kEvent Details


Mark Saturday, July 22, 2017 on your calendar. CAMA will be holding its 4th Annual Antique Internal Combustion Engine Meet on our grounds in Kent.  Members and non-member exhibitors alike are invited to bring their gas engines, either very small or very large and everything in between, and display them for all to see.  This meet costs nothing to enter and nothing to look.  Some of CAMA’s best engines will also be on display.  Exhibitors are invited to run their engines provided that they stay with the engine while running.  We don’t want anyone to get hurt with an unattended engine. Exhibitors should guard against exposed, or unprotected moving parts. We want everyone to go home with the same number of fingers that they arrived with.  


There is no restriction as to type of fuel burned as long as the engine is internal combustion.  Engines hooked up and doing work are welcome.  Remember that is is an engine show.  The focus of your exhibits should be the engine, not what the engine is connected to.  Vehicular engines are welcome, but again, the show is about the engine, not the vehicle. This show is not about a particular tractor brand or lawn mower brand. It is about the variety of engines used to power yesterday’s variety of needs.


Please note that this year, there WILL BE food available for purchase at this event.  








CT Antique Machinery Association
31 Kent-Cornwall Road (Route 7)
Kent, CT 06757


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